Brian Meuse - Drummer
Brian Meuse has been a professional drummer and has played drums for over 38 years. He was born January 12, 1966, and grew up in Orange County.  He comes from a family of   musicians like his Grandfather and older Brothers.  Brian started playing drums just before junior high school and continued on through high school  where he joined a few local bands in o.c  that would be  playing Backyard gigs and Party s and doing a lot of covers and playing any were they could.
Brian grew up Playing and listening to a lot of records like, Led Zeppelin ,Rainbow Aerosmith ,Black Sabbath, to  southern rock,  but his favorite music  to play to was  progressive rock.  like Rush, Yes ,UFO,  and of course some cool stuff like Motown and Swing music and some punk rock too . Brian continued to play anywhere he could play as a young drummer until he was about 21.Then after that the doors s started to open to go professionally and  that which brings us to were Brian is today.
Brian's experience includes a variety of music with a variety of artists and bands from all over  and had the privilege of playing in front of  hundreds of people to a few thousand  people  throughout  his career. Brian  has studied double bass  technique under, Tommy Aldridge of the band White Snake and a few others  In Brian's career he has had the privilege of sharing  the stage with bands like Death Angel, Morbid Angel, Violence, Great White, and Vinnie Moore,  Leather wolf  any many others. Brian has played locally throughout Hollywood and Orange County, and riverside and as well as the Desert Area. Brian has also had the privilege of touring throughout the United States where he has played and continues  to play with great bands. Brian continues  to influenced many drummers all over the united States and parts of the world when he can with his knowledge and tools he learn over the years.
In Brian's professional drumming career he has played a crucial part within the Christian Music Industry.  He was the Drummer for "Betrayal", which pioneered and influenced the Christian Hardcore Industry and scene making them icons.  During this part of his career Brian was known and voted for being one of the fastest double base drummers thus influencing and inspiring thousands of drummers worldwide. Brian was playing blast beats even before they were around in the late 80's and early 90's,  leading him to be featured in magazines and articles privilege  shared the stage with Christian acts like P.O.D, Darrandell Mansfield, Evan Wickham, ATG, Deliverance, The Crucified, Believer, Mortal, and Bride and many more. 
Brian has been a recording artist  for many  record company s over the years  like Epic ,roadrunner, rex, wonderland ,word ,and Black &white records as well as some ,indy companies.
  Brian   has also been in a hand full of magazines and newspapers throughout his career and Tv shows. Currently  Brian doing Outreaches and studio work for different groups throughout Southern California. Brian is currently drumming for "Swing Katz " and " Touch of Class Band and  doing studio work when needed , In addition, he is a Drum instructor for 3  Southern California high school marching bands and  promoter for up coming drummers and Bands
Brian's credits include:
Seizure    Demo
2  Four play Demo
Long Shot Demo
Martyr “Death is Dead”. Road Runner Records
5  Betrayal “Frantic”. Rex Records/Spring Arbor
6  Betrayal “Renaissance  By Death ”Epic & Records   Wonderland Records
7  Dominion “Self titled EP”. Independent Records
The Terminal Generation “Die”. Independent and Black  and White Records
PUSH “Baby Lonnie”. Independent/Kingdom Records  and Floppy Fish Records

10  Underdog “Terrible Truth”. Trauma Tone Records and Kingdom Records
11  Betrayal “The Passing of Time”. Epic Records

12  Kingdom Priests “There For You”. Independent Records
13 --ZeroSyx “The Path”. Independent and Black and White Records
14  Andrew Enos Band  "Gray".  Independent       
Underdog: Kingdom Records and Trauma Tone Records. “Who Da Man” music video.
Push: Kingdom Records. “Religious” music video.
These were mostly aired on TBN, G-Rock, Z-TV, and You tube.
Martyr: “Franctic” music video on You tube.
Andrew Enos Band: music videos on You tube.
Betrayal: singles “Plead the Blood” and “Frantic” were Aired on KNAC, Reality Rock, Air1, and many other Christian radio stations across the world.
Brian's drums and gear  setup for practicing is a Mapex pro M His drum sizes are 14x7 Black Panther snare and 14x6.5 ludwig dyno snare , two 24x18 bass drums,10x8, 12x9, 13x9, and 14x10 toms, 16x14 and 18x16 floor toms, and a 16x16 hang tom. His  touring kit  is also a Mapex Saturn series with 22x20 bass drums, a 12x8 tom, 13x9 tom and  14x14 and 16x14 floor toms, and a 14x5 Black Panther snare. and 1970's Ludwig snare drum  He currently uses  New Axis long board pedals with all drum sets  and Sabian cymbals.and a 1960 Slingerland 4 pc for Jazz  
Brian is also the owner and operator of Meuse Percussion ( music store and repair shop, the Best  Ca    also Real Estate Agent   In Ca  
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